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Hesmor – Customized Solution for Sensor and Control Technology

We  develop,  manufacture  and  market  industrial  sensors  and  control  modules  for  use   in   industrial applications.  We  provide  well-known  national  and  international  companies   with   good-quality,   high-tech products. Fairness and openness in society and in our business relationships are important to us. We rely on long-term co-operation and protect our customers’ investments by guaranteeing the compatibility of new components with already installed and components operating systems.

The  individual  support  of our customers from the start is of utmost importance at Hesmor. Hesmor offers customers  a  variety  of  customized  solutions  in  sensor technology and control module technology. Our deep  industry  knowledge  and  flexible engineering service together with our experienced engineering of sensor  technology  and  control  module  technology provide the customer with a customized product in a very  efficient  design  engineering  time.  The  result  is  a  product  that  meets  the customer's application delivered in a timely manner.


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