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Hesmor Absolute Encoder, Heavy design style is in our view the entry criteria.
With its heavy load design and competitive price compared with the same standards of ordinary light-type products, HAD series CanOpen absolute encoder offers the Chinese customers from different industries the most reliable control system solutions.
The absolute rotary encoder is a small-sized mechanical and electrical product. Since there is no difference in similar electronic components, the benchmark to distinguish products is the heavy load design with real materials. Hesmor provides for customers with fine heavy load products with the price of similar ordinary light-type ones, thus fulfilling the customers'aspirations for products with high quality and low cost.
Outer diameter
ST up to 16 bit, MT up to 14 bit
Schaft load
≤400 N ( Axial )
≤600 N ( radial )
Operating temperature
- 40°C ~ + 85°C
Applications: engineering machinery, wind energy industry, port machinery, metallurgy, water conservancy, automobile industry, robotics, textile machinery, glass machinery, printing machinery, paper machinery, semiconductor electronics, packaging machinery, medical equipment, offshore oil machinery, military and other various types of industries in need of control system solutions.